Gauge how school climate is
impacting your students in real-time.

How it works

edMosphere promotes a positive school climate by giving students a voice. edMosphere is a cloud-based survey application that enhances student to teacher relationships using real-time surveys to gauge school climate.

Teachers signup an account and invites to their class

Teachers poll their class using research-based school climate questions or customize their own

Students answer questions at periodic intervals determined by the teacher

edMosphere aggregates data real-time to report trends and highlight climate

"There's more joy in learning in my class now. edMosphere has strengthened my connection with my students and they are more eager to do what I ask of them."

− 5th grade teacher - San Antonio, Texas

"edMosphere has brought to light issues that has allowed the school to address them early. For example, we were able to quash a misunderstanding among a group of peers that could have ended in a fight, or worse, if we didn't know about it so early."

− Middle School Assistant Principal - San Antonio, Texas